Pima County Economic Development

Vote for Pima County's "Top Dog."

Pima Animal Care Center is seeking a poster dog for its dog licensing campaign materials and we need your help selecting from our five finalists.

We’re hoping the winning candidate can help us raise awareness about the benefits of dog licensing. Sure, it’s the law, but it also helps protect pets by helping us know where they belong if they ever go missing.

Plus, the license fee – $15 a year for a dog that’s been spayed or neutered – helps us do our job protecting animals from cruelty, sheltering strays and responding to dog bite calls.

We’ve got our five finalists, courtesy of the Sheriff’s Department. Get to know Laila, Checkers, Chaps, Neil and Oliver in the word of their owners and let us know whose whiskered face has the license to steal some hearts and encourage responsible pet ownership.

This is not American Idol. You can only vote once so scroll to the very bottom to cast your vote. (Cookies must be enabled). But get to it! The deadline is midnight, May 5.



He's very sweet and gentle. His "socks and vest" marking was the thing that drew us to him at Pima Animal Care Center.  We're very happy with him.

He makes us laugh at his vocalizing. When it's getting close to dinnertime, Checkers makes sure we know it. He leans forward, extends his head and makes a growly “woowoowoo” sound among others. When he yawns, he always does so loud and clear, and I'd swear that he can say arugula.

He is a very sweet, playful dog that loves his belly-rubs and doesn't have a "mean bone" in his body.  


Licensed, cute and humble, Chaps is a 6-year-old Shih Tzu who loves everybody he meets and brings out the best in us.

It's hard to believe that somebody didn't want him- but when he was found he had no license or chip and despite the best efforts of many of people over a long period of time, we never were able to find the owner.

He loves to go for walks and he's a big hearted dog in a little dog's body


Laila was a stray who walked up to my brother's house in college and decided that that is where she wanted to live.  After putting up flyers, posting on Craigslist, and notifying shelters in town that we had found her, she was never claimed.  We even took her to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona with the intention of dropping her off there, but her pleading eyes convinced us otherwise. 

She is the sweetest dog with the most expression-filled eyes and thankful demeanor and now it's hard to imagine our lives pre-Laila. 



Here are a few reasons I think I would make Pima County's BEST Top Dog! My mom adopted me from Pima Animal Care Center in May 2009 http://followoliver.com/olivers-adoption-story/. I've spent my days since advocating for my fellow shelter pet friends here in Tucson and nationally, as an Ambassador for www.theshelterpetproject.org!

I also enjoy sharing my natural gift of healing, as a Certified Therapy Dog and helping mom care for my foster kitty siblings
(I LOVE kitties).



Here is a picture of the sweetest, most beautiful boy.
Neil is a 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, licensed in Pima County.  He has the best demeanor and is very photogenic!
He is a sweetheart.  He loves everyone, even our beautiful new cat.




If you are unable to view the voting poll you may cast your vote via email at posterdog@pima.gov