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The following website can be used to search health inspections prior to 10/9/19. For inspections after 10/9/19, please visit

Hints for Searching an Establishment

  • There are no listings before April 1, 2002.
  • The fastest method of searching is to enter the name of the facility. However, if your search comes up empty try shortening the number of characters (entry must still be 3 characters long) or add/ delete spaces or apostrophes.
  • Also, try a search by the first letter of the name. (This will result in more items but you can navigate using the "next/previous" pages.)

Search by Establishment Name

If you know the name of the restaurant, type it in the box and click on "submit". The name must be at least 3 letters in length.
  • Do not use quotes (").
  • Partial names are accepted.
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Search by First Letter

The Reports are sorted by the first letter of the Restaurant's name. Select a letter and then click on "submit". For a restaurant name starting with a number use the listing "#".

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Search by Establishment Rating

The Reports are sorted by the month and the year.

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