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Welcome to the Tucson & Pima County Net-Zero Energy Building Standard

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What is Net-Zero Energy

Net-Zero Energy is when a home or building makes as much energy as it needs to keep you comfortable and save you money!

Whether you are a homeowner, home builder, commercial builder or commercial property owner, you will find helpful tools and information here to help you build or renovate a net–zero building so you can be cash flow positive on day one cash flow positive tooltip and secure your energy future.

Zero Energy Buildings: A Critical Look at the Definition

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About the Net-Zero Energy Building Standard

The Net-Zero Energy Building Standard project was sponsored by the City of Tucson Office of Conservation and Sustainable Development. Pima County Development Services, Building Safety and Sustainability was the principle research group with assistance from the University of Arizona College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and Tucson Water. The Net-Zero Energy Standard has a prescriptive residential section and a prescriptive commercial section covering apartments, office and retail. These building types represent approximately 30% of total energy use in the metro area. The Net-Zero Energy Standard also has a performance section for both residential and commercial that will allow buildings that can not use the prescriptive path to achieve a net-zero certification by using energy modeling softwareenergy modeling software tooltip.

Sponsored in part by the City of Tucson

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