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May 2008

Bowen TrailSOC
State of the County 2008
People, Programs and Progress
The Pima County State of the County Luncheon and Expo 2008 was held on April 18, 2008, at the Tucson Convention Center. Photograph of Bowen Trail, Starr Pass, above left. 2008 publication pdf













The winners of this year’s State of the County Centerpiece Contest were, from left to right, Pima Health Systems 1st place, Development Services 2nd place, and Regional Wastewater Reclamation 3rd place. Pima County held its 4th Annual State of the County luncheon on April 18, 2008, at the Tucson Convention Center.

Centerpiece Contest Showcases County Employees Creativity

Each year during this event county employees are invited to showcase their creativity by designing a centerpiece that fits the theme. This year’s State of the County luncheon theme was “People, Programs and Progress.” This year’s competition was by far the most challenging one. There was an abundance of creativity and talent that went into each centerpiece. more

Clean Air Days & Bike Fest 2008
Thank you Clean Air Days and Bike Fest participants—you help keep the air clean!

The Clean Air Days and Bike Fest events (held March 30-April 24) drew in lots of new people taking action to use alternate modes of transportation and keep our air clean. With over 5,000 people (including, but not limited to Pima County employees) participating in the 17 activities, we met and exceeded our goals—especially if everyone who participated continues the carpooling, bike riding, taking the bus, and walking for their commutes. Over 1,000 contest entries were received, which is more than double what we received last year. more

Pima County Public Works Departments Celebrate Earth Day
All Species Need Clean Air


The festival was a huge success, with 84 exhibitors and approximately 3,500 attendees.

The Pima County Public Works Departments celebrated Earth Day on Saturday, April 19. The 14th Annual Tucson Earth Day Festival and Parade paired with the Clean Air Fair to host this year’s celebration in a new location at Reid Park.

fair more

Price of Gas Got You Down? Vanpooling May Pick You Up.

If the high price of gasoline is stressing you, and taking the bus is not on option for your lengthy commute, vanpooling may be a very beneficial way to travel to work. Vanpooling could be a much more viable option than driving to work a-l-o-n-e every day, for your wallet, driving stress, and air quality considerations. more



Pima County Benefits Open Enrollment
May 1-May 20, 2008

Forms are due to your Departmental Benefits Representative by May 23, 2008.

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Congratulations Bike 2 Work Day Winners!

Joe Visic

Joe Visic, Superior Court, Bike 2 Work Day Grand Prize Winner.

April 11 was Bike 2 Work Day, and 83 Pima County employees registered and rode on this special day.

Grand Prize, $225 gift certificate: Joe Visic, Superior Court; Second Runners Up, $50 gift certificates: Natalie Gonzales, Joel D. Valdez Main Library and Laban Hansen with Natural Resources, Parks, and Recreation.


Pipeline Newsletter wins PRimus Award

lorraine simon

Lorraine Simon, Community Relations Specialist for PCRWRD, submitted the award-winning entry under Tactics: Newsletters/Magazines.

United Way Circle of Excellence Award

rosie joe

Rosie Joe, Pima County ECAP chair, receives the United Way Circle of Excellence Award from, at left, Steve Banzhaf, United Way Chairman of the Board, and on the right, Larry Finuf, Regional President of Wells Fargo, 07-08 Cabinet Chairperson.



Kids for Clean Air Club

The Dirt on Dust Newsletter

News for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department News

the Pipeline

Free lunch-time programs as diverse as Tucson itself

Come Celebrate National Public Works Week
May 22

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