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Procedures & Policies
To provide you with a consistent interpretation of the Pima County Code:
(in PDF format)

TECH-022 - Voluntarily accepted emission limitations and standards
TECH-202 - Controlling over spray in paint spray operations
TECH-204 - Notice of intent to drill a well
TECH-205 - Solvent wipers
TECH-206 - Minimum lot size requirements for on-site disposal systems
TECH-207 - One acre lot size requirement for "Dry-lot" subdivisions
TECH-208 - Individual sewage system application procedures
TECH-210 - Continuous opacity monitoring systems
TECH-211 - Determining Applicability for Air Quality Activity Permits
TECH-212 - Storage Vessel Rule Interpretation
TECH-213 - Affirmative Defenses for Excess Emissions Due to Malfunctions, Startup and Shutdown
EQ-300 - Acceptance of permit applications, plan submittals and other documents by PDEQ
AQ-201 - Environmental Justice Grievance Procedure (Justicia Ambiental Procedimiento De Agravio - Léalo en Español)


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