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Rosemont Mine Mineral Validity Exam

BLM Provides 1993 Mineral Report

Pima County requested a copy of a 1993 mineral report using the Freedom of Information Act. This mineral report formed the principal basis for the Forest Service's issuance of a patent to public lands in the Coronado National Forest at Rosemont. (A patent converts public land to private ownership.) A total of 25 lode mining claims were examined by Forest Service staff. The Forest Service concluded that 21 claims met the criterion for a valuable mineral deposit.

A copy of the mineral report has been received by Pima County. Much of the report has been redacted under exemption 4 of the Freedom on Information Act, which protects the interests of businesses who could suffer a competitive disadvantages if commercially sensistive information were released. BLM determined that information on the mining cut-off grades, ore grades, commodity prices, assay results, pit maps, and geology could result in substantial harm to the competitive position of the current owner of the patents, Rosemont Copper Company.


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