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Species in Pima County

The biological goal of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan is to ensure the long-term survival of the full spectrum of plants and animals that are indigenous to Pima County through maintaining or improving the habitat conditions and ecosystem functions necessary for their survival.

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Species Fact Sheets

Pima County listing of Species by Township and Range


So, what exactly is the full spectrum of plants and animals found within Pima County?
The following lists were developed using information from Federal, State and local resources.

Bird Listing

Fish Listing

Mammal Listing

Amphibian and Reptile Listing

Plant listing

Contributors & Sources

All of the species listed are native and currently exist within Pima County, except those that are marked "Y" (yes) in the " Exotic" (non-native species) or "Extirpated" (formerly occurring in Pima County) columns. Currently, only the vertebrate species of animals are available for online viewing. Lists of plants and invertebrates will be posted in the near future.
The overall list of species is still in the development stages and will be refined as new information becomes available.

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If you have any confirmed records of species that are not listed here, please contact
David Scalero at:

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