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Pima County Species Listing by Township and Range

The biological goal of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan is to ensure the long-term survival of the full spectrum of plants and animals that are indigenous to Pima County through maintaining or improving the habitat conditions and ecosystem functions necessary for their survival.

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Pima County Listing of Native Plants by Family and Genus


To view species listings by township and range, roll your cursor over the map. When your arrow changes to the hand tool, you can click to view the report for that area.

map of eastern pima county

Thornber Supplement to the listing for T14S, R13E

T11 S R6E T11S R7E T11S R8E T11S R9E T11S R10E T11S R11E T11S R12E T11S R13E T11S R14E T11S R15E T11S R16E T12S R8E T12S R9E T12S R10E T12S R11E T12S R12E T12S R13E T12S R14E T12S R15E T12S R18E T13S R9E T13S R10E T13S R11E T13S R12E T13S R13E T13S R14E T13S R15E T13S R16E T14S R11E T14S R12E T14S R13E T14S R14E T14S R15E T16S R13E T17S R13E T17S R14E T17S R15E T18S R13E T19S R13E T19S R12E T19S R11E T15S R12E T15S R13E T15S R14E T15S R15E T15S R16E T16S R12E T16S R14E T16S R15E T16S R16E T16S R17E T16S R18E T17S R12E T17S R16E T17S R17E T17S R18E T18S R11E T18S R12E T18S R14E T18S R15E T18S R16E T19S R15E T19S R16E T11 S R17E T11S R18E T12S R16E T12S R17E T13S R17E T13S R18E T19S R14E T14S_R9E T14S-R10E

map of western pima county T11S R6W T11S R5W T11S R4W T11S R3W T12S R6W T12S R5W T12S R4W T13S R6W T13S R5W T14S R6W T14S R5W

Western Pima County including the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge

Western Pima County including the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and Wilderness Area


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