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Protecting Our Land, Water, and Heritage: Pima County's Voter-Supported Conservation Efforts

Multi-Species Conservation Plan - Administrative Draft
MSCP Appendices


Ecological Impacts of Climate Change on Natural Resources in Pima County


Progress Report: Measuring Effectiveness of Open Space Land  Acquisitions in Pima County, Arizona in Relation to the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan



Ecological Monitoring Background Reports





Adaptive Management Workshop Feb-02 170,474 KB
Additional Correspondence on the Draft Preliminary SDCP & Scope of the EIS Jan-01 63,557 KB
Air Quality in Pima Co. (Primer) Feb-01 2,174 KB
Air Quality Strategies for the ComprehensivePlan Sep-01 25,444 PDF
Analysis of Racial & Economic Disparities in Home Purchase Mortage Lending Nationally & in 60 Metropolitan Areas Oct-01 7,611 KB
Applications for the SDCP and Comprehensive Plan Land Use Panels May-01 21,142 KB
Aquatic Species Threat in Pima County (workshop) May-01 17,273 KB
Aquatic Vertebrate Conservation in Pima Co. Jul-00 95,374 KB
Arivaca Resources Mar-00 7,245 KB
Arivaca Resources Management Zone Sept-01 31,171KB
AZ Game & Fish: Memorandum of Understanding Mar-02 453 KB
AZ Shared Transaction Privilege & Affiliated Excise Taxes Jul-02 11,470 KB
Bar V Ranch Acquisition Dec-04 7.36 MB
Bingham Cienega Restoration **** Oct-01 176,135 KB
Bingham Cienega Source Water Study Feb-01 25,903 KB
Biological Stress Assessment Mar-00 175,195 KB
Biological Values of the West Branch **** Oct-01 80,848 KB
Buckelew Farms 2004 7.9MB
Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl Investigations in Pima & Pinal Co., AZ Jul-00 14,530 KB
Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-owl: Issue in Perspective & Historical Context Jun-99 1,538 KB
Canoa Ranch Sep-00 7,318 KB
Cienega Creek Storm Flow Frequency Analysis Feb-01 1,296 KB
City of Tucson 2000: Resolution No. 2000-64 Mar-00 910 KB
City of Tucson 2002: Resolution No. 19435 Nov-02 962 KB
Classic Period Landscape, Ancient Cultural Lanscapes of Southern AZ Aug-00 19,758 KB
Climate Variability in Pima Co., AZ , & Its Significance to the SDCP Sep-01 64,934 KB
Cocio Wash & the Gila Topminnow Apr-00 26,302 KB
Committed Lands in E. Pima Co. Apr-00 174,310 KB
Comparison of Multi-Species Conservation Plans & Implementing Agreements Mar-02 62,930 KB
Comparison of Pima Co. Expenditures per Capita to Other Co. & City Governments Jun-99 173,119 KB
Comparisons of Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl mtDNA at Local & International Scales Jan-01 2,164 KB
Comprehensive Plan Staff Report Jan-02 27,399 KB
Comprehensive Plan Staff Report: Board of Supervisors Public Hearing 04/23/02 Apr-02 36,588 KB
Concept Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Oct-98 124,364 KB
Concurrency & Urban Development Study Oct-01 22,436 KB
Conservation Biology: Modeling & Application Sep-99 2,489 KB
Conservation Biology: The Science of Conservation Planning Sep-99 1,824 KB
Conservation Easement Workshop Dec-01 4,698 KB
Cooperative Agreement: Water, Reclamation, BLM, NPS, USFW Dec-00 1,561 KB
Cooperative Efforts with the City of Tucson Aug-01 10,716 KB
Correspondence Received in Response to the Draft of the SDCP Jan-99 28,431 KB
Cost Model for Section 10 Endangered Species Act Compliance for All Impacts in the Unincorporated Area of Pima Co. May-02 42,750 KB
Cultural & Historic Preservation (five presentations) Oct-99 4,434 KB
Cultural Landscapes of History in Southern AZ May-00 24,009 KB
Cultural Landscapes of Prehistory in Southern AZ May-00 38,487 KB
Cultural Resource Element (PowerPoint presentation) Mar-02 121,019 KB
Cultural Resource Sites Depicted on Early Maps of Pima Co., AZ Apr-00 13,843 KB
Cultural Resources E.I.S. Issue Paper Jul-02 63.5 MB
Cultural Resources Element Report to the SDCP Steering Committee Mar-02 71,486 KB
Desert Ironwood Primer: Biodiversity & Uses Associated with Ancient Legume & Cactus Forests in the Sonoran Desert Feb-00 37,338 KB
Determining Species of Concern within Pima Co., AZ Apr-99 9,211 KB
Determining Vulnerable Species within Pima Co., AZ Nov-99 17,111 KB
Direction of Regional Habitat Conservation Planning May-99 817 KB
Distribution of Fiscal Resources Oct-01 214,831 KB
Draft Master Plan for Pima Co., AZ Segment Juan Bautista DeAnza National Historic Trail: Part A Dec-01 511,494 KB
Draft Master Plan for Pima Co., AZ Segment Juan Bautista DeAnza National Historic Trail: Part B Dec-01 650,599 KB
Draft Preliminary Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Sep-00 145,661 KB
Draft Reserve Design Guidelines, Goals, Opportunities & Constraints Oct-00 34,232 KB
Ecological Opportunities In The Lower Santa Cruz Valley Of Avra Valley And The Santa Cruz Flats Dec-04 144 KB
Ecological Impacts of Climate Change on Natural Resources in Pima County Feb-10 2.7 MB
Economics of Large Scale Conservation Apr-02 7,344 KB
Effects of Roads on Natural Resources Feb-02 27,814 KB
Endangered Species Act and the Constitution May-99 620 KB
Environmental Justice  E.I.S. Issue Paper Yr-02 9.5 MB
Environmental Justice in Pima Co. Jul-02 39,244 KB
Environmental Restoration in Pima Co. Dec-99 93,433 KB
EPA: Memorandum of Understanding Apr-01 324 KB
Evaluation of Hydrologic & Riparian Resources in Saguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ Jun-01 9,975 KB
Evaluation of Mesquite Mouse Status in Pima Co. May-06 9,500MB
Fire Management E.I.S. Issue Paper Aug-02 39.7 MB
Floodplain Primer Feb-01 223,284 KB
Geological & Ecological Diversity in the Proposed Ironwood Preserve May-00 36,261 KB
GIS Coverage of Perennial & Intermittent Streams & Areas of Shallow Groundwater Jan-00 16,238 KB
GIS Primer Aug-00 16,062 KB
Groundwater Level Changes in the Tanque Verde Valley Jan-01 37,702 KB
Groundwater Model of the SANTA RITA ROSEMONT PROJECT SITE Apr- 08 6.9 MB
Habitat Mitigation in the Pima County Multiple Species Conservation Plan Oct-
Habitat Selection by Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls in S. AZ Preliminary Results  Jul-00 3,323 KB
Historic Summary of Pima Co. Sep-01 88,905 KB
Historical Occurrence of Native Fish in Pima Co. Nov-00 35,536 KB
History of Archaeological, Historical & Ethnographic Research Apr-00 9,749 KB
History of Land Use in Pima Co.: A Discussion Paper on Historical Population Growth & Land Use Planning in E. Pima Co. Jan-00 209,732 KB
Housing in Pima Co. Oct-01 15,254 KB
Housing in Pima Co., Issue Paper No. 1 May-01 16,439 KB
Huachuca Water Umbel Surveys Report Sep-01 26,069 KB
Hydrogeology of the Santa Rita Rosemont Project Site Sep-07 9,300 KB
Imapact Fee & Affordable Housing Study Oct-01 8,793 KB
Impact of Unregulated Development at the Community & Watershed Level Mar-00 44,524 KB
Impact of Unregulated Development on the Pima Co. Tax Base, Service Demand and Future Infrastructure Liability Feb-00 47,558 KB
Importance of Conserving Resources in the Altar Valley Aug-00 53,570 KB
Importance of Conserving Resources in the Cienega Creek Watershed Jul-00 77,105 KB
Inclusionary Housing Study Oct-01 21,842 KB
Invasive Species E.I.S. Issue Paper Yr-02 10.9 MB
Invasive Species Management Program for Pima County Yr-02 4,011 KB
Investigation of Wetland Deposits at Agua Caliente Park, Tucson AZ Jul-02 28,509 KB
Ironwood Preserve: Resolution No. 2000-63 (Interior) Mar-02 322 KB
Issues of Non-Native Species in Public Reserves Jun-00 12,107 KB
Land Cover Data Assessment in Pima Co. Apr-00 59,223 KB
Land Stewardship in Pima Co. Feb-00 12,682 KB
Level of Service Study Dec-01 1,564 KB
Links to Our Past: Ghost Towns & Mining Towns of Pima Co. Sep-01 26,866 KB
Listed Species Reserve Analysis Apr-02 78,934 KB
Lord's Ranch Recovery Land Acquisition Sep-02 116,047 KB
Lower Cienega Basin Source Water Study May-01 2,744 KB
Map Revisions for the Riparian Habitat Mitigation Ordinance Nov-02 11,218 KB
Mapping & Modeling: The Making of the Cultural & Historical Resources Element Report Aug-00 8,900 KB
Mapping Pima Co., AZ Aug-02 105,287 KB
Mitigation Land Banking (workshop) Apr-02 3,954 KB
Mixed Use Development Feb-02 9,704 KB
Mountain Parks & the Sonoran Desert Conservation Concept Plan Aug-99 283,899 KB
Multi-Species Plan Comparison Yr-02 251 KB
Native Plant Program Report Jan-01 25,851 KB
Natural & Cultural Resources of the Bukelew Farm Lands Sep-02 201,323 KB
Natural History of the Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl in Texas Jun-99 1,210 KB
Neighborhood Conservation Plan Yr-02 5,430 KB
Open Space Funding Options (white paper) Jan-02 678 KB
Open Space Property Tax Revenue Tax Base Impacts Feb-04 3 MB
Origins of Habitat Conservation Plans May-99 586 KB
Origins of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan May-99 560 KB
Oro Valley: Memorandum of Understanding Jan-03 713 KB
Overview of the Biological Reserve Design Process Nov-01 608,855 KB
Overview of the Draft Preliminary Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Oct-00 208,820 KB
Overview of Traditional Cultural Places & Traditional Cultural Uses Pima Co. & Coronado National Forest: Parts I & II May-00 15,489 KB
Paseo de las Iglesias Apr-99 55,009 KB
People & Places: Cultural Landscapes and Pima Co. Nov-01 51,163 KB
People of Southern Arizona, Past & Present May-00 20,202 KB
Pima Co. Comprehensive Plan Update Dec-01 87,563 KB
Pima Co. Economy Jul-99 1,141 KB
Pima Co. Land Jul-99 923 KB
Pima Co. Planning & Zoning Primer Mar-01 29,878 KB
Pima Co. Reserves, A Summary of Existing Management & Master Plans May-01 18,094 KB
Pima Co. Riparian Habitat Mitigation Ordinance: Effectiveness Review Oct-00 6,994 KB
Pima Co. Social Demographics Jul-99 1,371 KB
Pima Co. Water Jul-99 406 KB
Pima Co. Watersheds & Watercourses Apr-00 19,762 KB
Pima County's Withdrawal from Its Past 2003 1,611 KB
Pima County Comprehensive Plan Udate Oct-01 80,640 KB
Pima County Economic Analysis Section 10 Permit May-03 8,068 KB
Pima County Tax Base History (& property valuation) Jun-01 40,817 KB
Potentially Problematic Species in Pima Co.: Ecological Effects & Management Strategies Oct-00 39,887 KB
Preliminary Cultural Resources Element: Saving the Past for the Future Aug-00 210,210 KB
Preliminary Mountain Parks Element Aug-00 225,520 KB
Preliminary Ranch Conservation Element: Our Common Ground Oct-00 356,782 KB
Preliminary Ranch Conservation Element: Our Common Ground -- Ranch Lands in Pima Co. a Conservation Objective of the SDCP Oct-00 359,758 KB
Preliminary Riparian Protection, Management & Restoration Element Sep-00 67,528 KB
Preserving Cultural & Historic Resources May-99 54,169 KB
Preserving Ranch Lands in Pima County Oct-00 9,173 KB
Preserving the Santa Rita Rosemont Ranch Dec-04 2.62 MB
Prioritization of Streams for Conservation in Pima Co. Apr-00 12,927 KB
Priority Conservation Areas May-01 112,594 KB
Priority Cultural Resources in Pima Co., AZ Jan-02 88,278 KB
Priority Vulnerable Species Fact Sheets Sep-02 68,664 KB
Priority Vulnerable Species Habitat Data Analysis Jul-00 134,873 KB
Priority Vulnerable Species: Analysis & Review of Speciess Proposed for Coverage by the Multiple-Species Conservation Plan May-01 213,749 KB
Priority Vulnerable Species: Data Compilation & Synthesis Jun-00 266,933 KB
Progress Report: Measuring Effectiveness of Open Space Land Acquisitions in Pima County, Arizona in Relation to the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Oct-09 1 MB
Proposal in Support of the Ironwood Preserve Mar-00 35,737 KB
Proposal to Create the Arivaca Resource Management Zone Sep-01 31,171 KB
Protecting Our Past: Cultural Resource Management in Pima Co. May-01 33,463 KB
Pumas & Pollinators: Restoring Connectivity in the Sky Islands Sep-02 22,572 KB
Purchase of Development Rights Program Discussion Paper May-01 8,555 KB
Pygmy Owl Update Nov-99 103,382 KB
Pygmy-Owl Conservation & Recovery Bank Mar-01 60,487 KB
Pygmy-Owl in Arizona Jun-99 2,886 KB
Ranch Tradition & Conservation in the Altar Valley Area Aug-99 806 KB
Ranch Tradition & Conservation in the Empire-Cienega Valley Aug-99 772 KB
Ranch Tradition & Conservation on the Santa Rita Experimental Range Aug-99 533 KB
Ranching & Agriculture E.I.S. Issue Paper Jul-02 67.1 MB
Ranching in Pima County Nov-99 116,192 KB
Ranching within Pima Co.: An Overview of Ranch Conservation Aug-99 1,050 KB
Rancho Seco Acquisition 2004 7.6MB
Reclassification of Vegitation Mapping Units from the Pima Association of Governments Land Cover Maps May-01 17,079 KB
Recreation E.I.S. Issue Paper Aug-02 32.3 MB
Recreation Impacts in E. Pima Co. Mar-01 9,487 KB
Regional Plan Policies & the Development Policy in the Conservation Lands System Nov-01 6,077 KB
Relationships between Land & People: The Cultural Landscapes Approach in Archaeology & History May-00 14,210 KB
Report of Independent Peer Reviewers: Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Oct-01 1,421 KB
Report on Public Comment, Update & Recommendations on the Draft Sonoran Desert Conservation Concept Plan Mar-99 37,283 KB
Report to Pima Co. BOS on Urban Growth & Development in E. Pima Co. Feb-98 3,558 KB
Report, Comment & Analysis of the Canoa Ranch Conservation Proposal Jun-00 64,995 KB
Representation of Vegetation Communities & Special Elements in Reserve Design Mar-01 50,057 KB
Reserve Design Process Update May-01 211,985 KB
Resources of the Ajo/Why Subregion: Sonoran Desert Conservation & Comprehensive Land Use Plan Oct-01 121,856 KB
Resources of the Altar Valley. Includes information on: Historic conditions, survey & assessment, watershed protection Mar-00 137,985 KB
Resources of the Avra Valley Subarea. Includes information on:Fiscal resources (mining) & proposals for the Ironwood Monument Apr-00 99,369 KB
Resources of the Catalina Foothills Subregion Mar-02 149,644 KB
Resources of the Cienega Rincon Subarea May-00 122,415 KB
Resources of the Middle San Pedro Subarea.  Includes: Middle San Pedro River Subarea Concept Plan (TNC) and other resources Mar-00 63,942 KB
Resources of the Middle Santa Cruz Subarea May-00 147,526 KB
Resources of the Northwest Subregion Jul-01 289,652 KB
Resources of the Rincon/Southest Subregion Mar-02 128,797 KB
Resources of the Southwest Subregion Mar-02 81,841 KB
Resources of the Tortolita Subarea May-00 220,031 KB
Resources of the Tucson Mountains/Avra Valley Subregion Mar-02 86,428 KB
Resources of the Upper Santa Cruz Subarea May-00 132,085 KB
Resources of the Upper Santa Cruz Subregion Jul-01 167,238 KB
Resources of the W. Pima Co. Subarea May-00 110,651 KB
Response to Tucson Water -- Tanque Verde Jun-01 4,719 KB
Review of Vulnerable Species List Apr-00 11,268 KB
Rezoning from SR, RH, & GR 1 May-01 29,776 KB
Riparian Habitat & Riparian Vegetation Mapping Efforts for the SDCP May-00 77,380 KB
Riparian Priorities Aug-02 40,435 KB
Riparian Vegetation Mapping and Classification Jan-01 107,716 KB
Role of Adaptive Management in the SDCP Jan-01 95,819 KB
Science & GIS Update Nov-99 26,738 KB
Six Bar Ranch 2004 9.5MB
SDCP Alternative Development May-01 92,757 KB
SDCP Progress Report and Update Oct-01 31,041 KB
SDCP Project Summary (slide show) Mar-02 384,633 KB
Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Steering Committee Report to the Pima County Board of Supervisors Jun - 13 19,500 KB
SDCP Update: Focus on Riparian Areas Jul-99 96,516 KB
Smart Growth Audit Nov-01 9,963 KB
Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Update Jul-00 30,938 KB
Species Re-establishment within Pima County Sep-01 11,200 KB
Springs in Pima Co. May-00 37,227 KB
Stakeholder Perspectives on Economic Impact of the SDCP Apr-02 4,674 KB
State of the Environment Reporting Nov-02 10,220 KB
Status of Specific Plans Jun-01 12,771 KB
Suitability Analysis & Representation Goals for Cottonwood-Willow Forest Habitat Oct-01 46,550 KB
Tanque Verde II **** Feb-02 40,672 KB
Tax & Estate Tax Planning Workshop Jan-02 5,537 KB
Threatened & Endangered Species Fact Sheets Sep-02 61,709 KB
Tohono O'Odham Nation: Declaration of Intent to Cooperatively Participate in the SDCP Dec-99 629 KB
Tortolita Alluvial Fan Study Sept-07 12,080KB
Town of Marana: Memorandum of Understanding Sep-02 1,054 KB
Trails, Rails & Roadways in Pima County Jan-02 144,487 KB
Transportation Primer Sep-01 182,091 KB
Trends in Circulation Oct-01 1,733 KB
Trends in Housing Affordability (1975-2001) Oct-01 5,825 KB
Trends in Housing Costs & the Affordable Housing Development Policy Dec-01 2,689 KB
Universal Design Adaptations for Housing Sep-01 21,772 KB
Uphold the Endangered Species Act: Resolution No. 1998-250 (Interior) Dec-98 126 KB
US Forest Service: Cooperative Agreement Dec-00 509 KB
Utility & Right of Way  E.I.S. Issue Paper Aug-02 34.6 MB
Water Conservation in Pima Co. Mar-01 22,725 KB
Water Quality in Pima Co. (Primer) Sep-01 15,528 KB
Water Quality in Pima Co., Priority Streams, Requirements of Native Aquatic Species Aug-02 26,688 KB
Water Quality Issues (element summary & recommended policies) Nov-01 9,319
Water Quality of Priority Streams in Pima Co. Oct-01 44,617 KB
Water Quality Requirements of Native Aquatic Species in Pima Co. Oct-01 6,158 KB
Water Resources & the SDCP Jul-99 86,000 kb
Water Resources E.I.S. Issue Paper Aug-02 13 MB
Water Resources in Pima Co. Memorandum Oct-01 508 KB
Water Resources in Pima Co.: A Report for the SDCP and for Update of the Pima Co. Comprehensive Plan Jun-01 97,751 KB
Water Usage along Selected Streams in Pima Co. Jul-00 43,661 KB
Wetland Plant Evaluations **** Jan-02 39,461 KB
Wildcat Subdivision Study Apr-98 114,631 KB


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