Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan

Riparian Protection and  Restoration Element: Adopted Goal Statements

Adopted by the Science Technical Advisory Team, April 24, 2000



The STAT has adopted these specific ecosystem function goals for the riparian element of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan:                                           


1.  To the extent possible, maintain or  restore the connection between interdependent components of river systems: channel, overbank floodplain, distributary flow zones, riparian vegetation and connected shallow groundwater.


            a.  maintain or restore natural flooding and sediment balance;

b.  preserve or re-establish connection between channels and their floodplains, and channels and their distributary flow zones;

c.  maintain or re-establish hydrologic connections between riparian and aquatic ecosystems and shallow groundwater zones


2. Manage uplands as appropriate to protect the functioning of riparian and aquatic ecosystems within the watershed;


3. Manage point-source and non-point source pollution to maintain water quality at a level needed to support SDCP biological goals;


4.  Insure sufficient instream flows to achieve and protect natural functions of riparian and aquatic ecosystems.